Thursday, December 13, 2007

Biotechnology - Lego Rocking Platform

I am making my return to blogging. Next week in my AP Biology class I will be isolating green fluorescent protein from transformed bacteria. I need a rocking platform agitates a liquid bacterial culture. It is too late to order one like the one offered from Bio-Rad.

My only option was to build one myself. I went to our robotics lab and built a rocking platform out of Lego's. It fits perfectly into my incubator and was much more economical.

Below is a video of the Lego Rocking Platform in action.

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botanica said...

Thanks for sharing your clever idea. This clearly demonstrates the benefits of teaching and interacting in a 21st Century class/school.

For those pressed for time this year, I had my students place their capped plastic tubes in a larger screwtop plastic tube sealed in a ziploc bag in their backpacks, agitate via this type of transport throughout the school day (backpacks get moved around quite a bit)and then return to me before school ended. We got great "glowing results." All my students were safety conscious and we never had any problems in the many years in which we did the Bio-RAD lab.